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The Treasure of the Templars

Theme: historical / cultural

Difficulty :


Physical :


2 to 6 players


60 mins


€23.00 and €28.00

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In the 12th century, the Order of the Templars got their hands on a legendary treasure and had the mission of protecting this sacred relic. In 1194, a mysterious convoy of Templar knights arrived at the castle of Talmont at night. Leaving the Holy Land eight months earlier, their mission is to deliver the final message from Robert de Sablé, Grand Master of the Order of the Temple, to his friend and fellow crusader Richard Coeur de Lion.


900 years later, a mysterious chest was found in the Vendée, in the floor of the keep of the Château de Talmont. Inside, a parchment written by Robert de Sablé indicates that a treasure of inestimable value slumbers in the depths of the castle. Called to continue the excavations in the greatest of secrets, you embody the team of archaeologists of Professor Castel, delegate of IFRAP.


Try to lift the veil on one of the best kept secrets in history: that of the Templar treasure!


The little extra


The underground in which you will evolve is a natural preserved place, it is a historical heritage in the same way as the castle which overlooks it. This is a real revaluation of heritage, something rather rare for an escape game!



Practical info


Reservation for the escape game is mandatory.

An english version is available. Please let us know (by mail) when you book the session if you want an english version.

Please come at the time indicated on your reservation.

As a reminder, the escape game is intended for an adult audience. It is not recommended for young children, due to the difficulty of the game, the dark environment and the presence of small objects that can be ingested. However, access is not prohibited but the presence of at least one adult per group is required.


Opening period: from April to November 2023.

- Accessible to pregnant women

- Not accessible to people with reduced mobility

- Dogs not allowed in the room

- 20% reduction for minors (8-17 years old), students, job seekers and holders of the Annual Pass.